Additional webhosting services

Additional webhosting services
You can add any of the following services to the above hosting packages. Services can be added to existing sites hosted with us at any time and the annual charges for each service will run for 12 months from the date the service was added.

All charges are for 12 months of the service.

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Versions available:
Virus scanning - hosting-virusscan
This service will scan all the email passing through your POP3 mail boxes and attempt to remove unwanted viruses. The definitions are constantly updated so its great as a first line defence against attacks. (Service already included with Advanced hosting package)
Realtime web statistics - hosting-stats
Why not add a realtime web statistics service to your basic package This service will give you comprehensive details on your sites visitors in text and graphic format. (Service already included with Advanced hosting package)
.NET -
Upgrade your package to add the .NET framework so you can use the very latest technology.
Frontpage Extensions - hosting-frontpage
If you need Frontpage Extensions adding to your site then this is for you!
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