Geos No11 - Handheld weather station with data loging

Geos No11 - Handheld weather station with data loging
The Skywatch Geos No.11 is a high performance professional instrument benefiting from 25 years of experience developing measuring devices. It uses only industrial quality components and pressure, wind speed, temperature and humidity sensors that are made in Switzerland.

The product builds on the foundations of the ever popular Geos model by adding data logging as well as upgrading many of the sensors.

As well as measuring wind speed, temperature, humidity, pressure and altitude it also has an electronic compass, an LED flashlight and a small wind vane. It will also calculate and display Dew Point, Windchill, Flight Level and Density Altitude as well as showing barometer tendency and max and min values for many parameters. The internal data logger can record 24,480 sets of data. One set contains all the data from all the sensors. You can set the unit to record the data at specific intervals (configurable from 0.5 seconds to 24 hours) or manually record the data. You may then recall this logged data at any time.

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Versions available:
Geos11 - Geos11
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