Talk to a forecaster direct and they will tell you what you really need to know, straight away. They'll keep it local, if that's what you need, and will answer your questions and concerns directly.

The forecaster can give whatever level of advice you need for an event; as well as specialist advice for gardeners, anglers, sports events, mariners, hill walkers etc.

The service is priced at a flat rate of 4.99. You can either ring 0870 760 7916 direct with your payment card details to hand or if you prefer to book a time to ring and pay beforehand, fill in the simple form below so that the forecaster can be totally prepared for your call and have the relevant weather facts at their fingertips. You won't need to worry about the time ticking away and costing you up to 1.50 per minute either as the call charges are at national call rates of 3p to 6p per minute!
More details on this option can be found here

You will need to fill in the form located here.

Please note that after filling in the form you will need to pay for the forecast!

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Versions available:
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