Lightning 2000™

Lightning 2000™
Real-time lightning detection on your PC. Supports all Boltek™ hardware, including the new PCI card. You'll get more out of your Boltek™ hardware than you ever thought possible!

Lightning/2000™ allows you to configure it to your tastes.

  • Save a screen capture in either of 2 formats, automatically.
  • 12 alarm sounds can be any .WAV files on your computer
  • Lightning data is analyzed in real-time and can be displayed both textually and graphically
  • Complete support for the Windows clipboard
  • Improved accuracy
  • Use any .BMP or .JPG image as your background map
  • Multiple independent windows allow you to tailor the look to your needs
  • User settings (colors, fonts, etc.) may be saved and restored easily
  • Lightning data is automatically saved to disk
  • Lightning/2000™ automatically recovers from sudden power failures with no chance that the archive file can become corrupted
  • Saved lightning data can be played back at any time and at any speed, without interfering with the real-time acquisition of lightning data
  • The raw lightning data display can be configured to your requirements
  • Lightning data is analyzed in real-time to determine where storms are located
  • Storms are evaluated individually for severity
  • NOWCast information can be viewed at any time, or it can be saved to disk for later use
  • Daily summaries are saved automatically in a text format

    This item has to be configured to your specific location so delivery is usually 2 weeks from your order being placed with us.

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  • Versions available:
    Lightning 2000 software - an-l2k
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