Long Range 1 Month

Long Range 1 Month
You tell us your region, city, town or village for either the UK or anywhere in the rest of Europe and we will send you 2 long range forecasts, each fortnight for a month. Each forecast will cover the expected weather for the next 30 day period, so keeping you on top of all the expected trends and patterns as they develop.

The forecasts cover the expected weather in your chosen area in some detail, giving expected rainfall, sunshine and temperature data for the chosen month as a percentage or deviation from the long term average as well as a written description of the expected weather and weather patterns for each of the weeks covered.

More details on this option can be found here

You will need to fill in the form located here to enable us to generate your forecast.

Please note that after filling in the form you will need to pay for the forecast!

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Versions available:
Long Range 1 month - Long Range 1 month
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