Make your own time-lapse movies from a directory of JPEGs*. Enhance your weathercam by bringing clouds to life and watching storms roll through. Great for science fairs and the classroom -- make movies of plants growing, soil erosion, stars moving, crystals growing, etc... Create compressed movies using any installed codec. Set the output video size, speed, and range of included images -- sunrise to sunset for example. Interact with the movie generation process or set it up to make movies automatically using the command-line interface and our upcoming MovieSalsa Scheduler software -- a free upgrade. Works with Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME, or XP.

*JPEGs may be produced by ImageSalsa or many other web cam products.

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Versions available:
MovieSalsa - MovieSalsa
MovieSalsa Free trial downlod - ms-000
You can get a free trial version of this software here
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