Nexus Weather Station

Nexus Weather Station
An excellent budget, wireless weather station measuring temperature, humidity, pressure, rainfall, wind speed and direction and also incorporating a USB connection to enable conection to a PC for long term data logging.

The system comprises of three outdoor sensors. A thermohygrometer, a rain gauge and a combined anemometer and wind vane. These three sensors run on standard alkaline batteries (included) and transmit wirelessly back to the display console on 433MHz. They have a range in free air of up to 100m. Having the sensors seprate like this has the huge advantage of being able to place the sensors in the best location for each of them, eg the anemometer up high to catch the wind, the thermohygrometer at 4ft from the floor and in the shade, the rain gauge out in the open.

The display features a backlight that can be set to illuminate automatically as the light in the room decreases. It also displays all of the measured parameters along with a weather forecast for the next 12 to 24 hours, sunset and sunrise times and moon phase. Derived measurements such as dew point can also be displayed.

There is a radio controlled clock that receives the time signal from Frankfurt and the system can be set to compensate for the difference in time between Europe and the UK. If you can't receive the time signal then you can manually set the clock and turn off this function.

The unit has a built in data logger which can store up to 3000 records. You can set the recording interval to a number of values from every 5 minutes to every day. Set at 5 minute intervals it would store just over 10 days worth of data! The included TFA software uses an included USB cable to connect the console to your PC. This program will download the data from the weather station and graph it for you as well as storing it in a database for record keeping and further analysis by software such as Microsoft Excel.

A summary of the functions are as follows:

  • wireless transmission of outdoor temperature, humidity, quantity of rainfall, wind velocity and direction from the exterior sensors to the display station (433 MHz)
  • expandable up to 5 outdoor temperature/humidity transmitters,
  • Indoor temperature and humidity with comfort level indicator of indoor climate,
  • Weather forecast with symbols and tendency of atmospheric pressure
  • absolute and relative atmospheric pressure with 24 hours history
  • Bar graph indication of atmospheric pressure, temperature or humidity for the last 24 hours
  • Radio controlled clock with different alarms and snooze function, Display of date and weekday (6 languages)
  • Time of rising and setting of sun and moon
  • Indication of moon phase
  • Windchill factor and dew point
  • programmable alarm functions for certain weather conditions, like temperature alarm, storm warning, Maximum and minimum values
  • Data memory for 3000 weather records
  • PC- Interface with analysis software package
  • LED Backlight with light sensor (in continuous operation with power adapter provided)
  • for wall mounting or table standing

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  • Versions available:
    35.1075 - Nexus