StrikeStar Subscription

StrikeStar Subscription
StrikeStar is a network of Boltek lightning detectors. Strikestar brings together their data and triangulates it to produce much more accurate strike positioning than a single detector can achieve.

You can get access to the 30 minute delayed images from StrikeStar at for free

StrikeStar's output is produced every 2 minutes and shows the most recent lightning strikes it has detected. To get access to these "live" images without the 30 minute delay you may purchase a subscription below. Once you have paid for your subscription then you will receive an email with instructions on how to activate your subscription

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Versions available:
30 day (1 month) strikestar subscription - StrikeStar30
90 day (3 months) strikestar subscription - StrikeStar90
180 day (6 months) strikestar subscription - StrikeStar180
365 day (1 year) strikestar subscription - StrikeStar365
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