Vion EasyMeteo Weatherstation

Vion EasyMeteo Weatherstation
Wireless weather station using a new forecast system based on more than just barometer trend and displaying probablilty of forecast.

Can be used with upto 3 external temperature and humidity sensors (1 included) with a range of around 100m in clear air. It also displays the indoor temperature and humidity as well as the maximum and minimum temperatures.

There are symbold for the actual weather, the forecast and the tendency of the atmospheric pressure.

Atmospheric pressure is also displayed using a bar graph for the last 24 hours.

Included is also a radio controlled clock and a display of the moon's phase.

The weather station can used wall mounted or free standing.

This unit may come badged either as TFA or Vion

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Versions available:
35.1059 - EasyMeteo
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