Vortex Pole Mount Anemometer

Vortex Pole Mount Anemometer
Anemometer with digital display. Registers wind speeds over 100 mph. Powered by a coin battery for several months of typical use. Comes with 25' (8m) of exterior grade wire. Mount on your pole or tripod, in a field or a building. Continuously monitor wind speed, store max & average. Great for applications where AC power is not available

Mount the Vortex head and rotor to your own pole or roof bracket, bring the wire in through a window or some other hole, and stick the display on the glass, a window, or anywhere you want. Connect the red & black wires and Voila!

Display is a high quality, Sigma Sport BC 1200 bicycle computer. Speed range is approx. 5 to around 150 mph, although the calibration has only been verified from 5 to 50 - we did not find a wind tunnel with 150 mph calibration facilities! Battery life is around 1,000 hours of continuous use.

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Versions available:
VoretexPole - VortexPole
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