Weather Oracle Multi Display

Weather Oracle Multi Display
The Weather Oracle Multi Display for the MK III and WS-2000 Wireless Weather Stations receives the weather instrument data via radio signal from the MK III and WS-2000 sensor assemblies.

Every measured or calculated parameter has a display, including a wind direction indicator. Some windows have options on what is displayed, the temperature window will display either outside temperature, inside temperature, wind chill or dew point. In addition to the real-time data, the Weather Oracle records minimum and maximum values, with time of occurrence, for wind speed, temperature, relative humidity, temperature humidity index, dew point, and barometer. For rainfall, two different accumulations are recorded. Each rainfall counter shows the time and date of the last counter reset.

Unlike typical LCD displays, the bright LED Weather Oracle display can be viewed from across a room, under any lighting conditions.

Multiple displays allow you to get the information you need at a glance.

The wireless design allows the user to have as many displays and/or computer interfaces as desired. For example, in a hotel or school with one sensor assembly you may be able to provide weather information to all of the public areas or classrooms.

The Weather Oracle Multi Display may be placed anywhere convenient to a wall outlet, such as on a table or desk. Keyhole slots are provided for wall mounting.

Clock or calendar is always visible.

Display brightness can be adjusted at the touch of a button. Any individual display may be turned off selectively if desired.

The simple setup mode allows Imperial or Metric units to be selected for each parameter. The barometric pressure may be adjusted for the station elevation with a digital offset. A digital temperature trim is also available. A diagnostic mode shows the weather station version numbers, the sensor assembly battery voltage (with 24 hour high and low values), and a received signal indicator.

Dimensions: 13.0" x 6.85" (330mm x 174mm)

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