Windy 6.1

Windy 6.1
This anemometer measures wind speed and temperature. The temperature is measured by a short, flexible probe extending below the anemometer that allows accurate measurement of specific locations such as water temperature. The three-cups design allows measurements irrespective of wind direction and contributes to higher accuracy. Cups are integrated to the centre part to increase shock resistance. The instrument automatically switches ON and OFF together with automatic display illumination make Windy extremely easy to use at day or night. The display will switch ON when cups start rotating and OFF 1 minute after they stops. The incorporated light sensor continuously measure the ambient light level and will switch ON the illumination at low light conditions.

The anemometer is waterproof and has an ergonomic design and soft non-slip grip.

Extremely low power consumption allows 10 years battery life at normal use.

Easy replaceable anemometer cups.


  • current wind speed
  • maximum wind speed
  • average wind speed (selectable averaging 5, 10, 20 and 40 s)
  • all standard units (knots, m/s, km/h, mph)
  • beaufort bar graph
  • temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit degree
  • wind chill - subjective ambient temperature dependent on wind speed

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  • Versions available:
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