Wireless Rain Gauge WS7038

Wireless Rain Gauge WS7038
Wall hanging or free-standing console receives rain data from a wireless remote rain gauge and stores history of rainfall and accumulated rainfall until manual reset.

Will display the rainfall for past 24 hours, rainfall for past 1 hour and rainfall for last rain period along with a graph of historical rainfall. You can view last seven days, weeks, or months on the graph. Scroll key allows you to scroll through period by period on graph. Rainfall is displayed in inches.

Rain alarm function (notifies of rain)

Rainfall transmitter self-empties via tipping bucket and measures 1/100th of an inch per tip

Manual set time and date, 12 or 24 hour time mode

Console Size: 3.5 x .75 x 4.25in

Batteries not included

This unit may come badged either as TFA or LaCrosse

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Versions available:
47.3000 - WS7038
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